Welcome to The CLS.

The CLS came into being at the end of 2009 … ish.

Way back in 2009, there was an obvious need for People to be and/or become Educated in all matters concerning money, finance, legal issues, the law and all things associated therein. There was and perhaps still is a fundamental lack of knowledge and understanding of how the State, Financial and Legal Institutions/Practices, and the Courts operate, what purpose they have, and whom particularly they serve.

For the purposes of absolute clarity; whilst we may be borrowing and/or using material and content from many sources, it is not and has never been our intention to interpret
"the Law", or any Law, Statute, Code, Acts, Rules and/or Regulations, including material used or derived from religious or spiritual texts. We endeavour to Critically read what is in front of us, and/or presented to us, with a view to breaking it down and explaining it, in as simple a way as possible.

The CLS are non-denominational, and do not subscribe, belong to and/or associate with any state, legal, religious, political parties, collective(s), organisation(s), association(s), group(s) or particular ideology.

The CLS DO NOT GIVE LEGAL ADVISE, AND ARE NOT legal professionals, judges or accountants etc. We do advocate that People Educate themselves to advance and legally/lawfully protect themselves

We ask that you, as some might say;
"Participate in Your Own Rescue". The responsibility for your education belongs firmly on YOUR shoulders. We genuinely hope you take your responsibility seriously, with the view also to educate other People, your Family, Friends and Community …

ALL Material, Articles, Texts, Images etc. on this site are free to copy, download, distribute and/or share. We ask that you do not edit, change, alter or deface in any way, and/or do not take, construe or use as being Legal Advise. After all, none of us are practicing professionals, accountants, tax-advisors, lawyers, solicitors, barristers, judges etc.