A Perfect Judge

A perfect judge will read each work of wit, with the same spirit that its author writ; [Pope, "An Essay on Criticism," 1709]

The term/word “Critic” as in the case of CRITICAL THINKING, derives its etymology (origins), from the Greek word/term “kritikos”, meaning “able to make judgments” as in “able to decide”. Therefore, before you can make a Judgment, and/or are able to decide, you will need to have the ability or facility to ask the right type of relevant and appropriate questions (the right questions).

How do you get to the point where you are asking
the right questions? You start by asking any questions that you can think of. In other words, you may start by asking irrelevant, inappropriate and/or anomalous questions.

Sometimes, something worth doing is worth doing
wrong at the start. Getting something wrong at the start of any process is probably the best way to educate and inform yourself. Well at least this way, you will have a list of ways that do not work, so you can consciously avoid the wrong way in the future.

Eventually, you will reach a point in your questioning, when the questions you ask, will be relevant, pertinent and appropriate. Getting answers to these questions will eventually bring you to
“the facts” and/or “the truth” of the matter/issue in question, and from there you will be in a very strong position to make a JUDGEMENT and/or a DECISION.

AS-KING questions you are operating as the/a Sovereign, as in acting As King. And only a King or perhaps a Queen as being Sovereign can make FINAL JUDGMENTS and/or DECISIONS. This is a Basic Skill and Ability that every Man and Woman on this Island should have and possess. And should perhaps be passing it on to their Children, Grandchildren and Descendants.

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