What Some People say About The CLS

I think, The Common Law Society are BRILLIANT. They have renewed my faith in humanity and given me the courage and confidence to deal with stuff. The CLS have shown me and countless others where to find the knowledge and how to use it. Keep up the good work. As they say “knowledge is key to freedom”. A great feeling indeed, for anyone to feel.

Tom Dillon

Dear The CLS, … The show is fantastic. Not only is your banter light and entertaining the information is phenomenal. Ye have made it so easy to understand and research with a critical mind. I have learned so much.  The website looks great. In particular I love the way you present the books and videos. Its like a one stop shop for info., very accessible. E.

You guys are heroes. M.

I have been getting your emails for quite a while now and even though I don’t have any debt or any legal problems (long may it continue), I think the information you share is quite useful to me, because we never know the day nor the hour that we may need to be somewhat educated in matters of law, thank you all! KS.

Thank you for making this info available. It is a wake up call challenging the BS we are bombarded with from every angle. Besides books, do you print any of the other material? Written word is easier to retain, especially when one gets older. PM.

The county council told me I would be jailed if I didn’t pay their rates. With what The CLS have taught me, the council never really stood a chance. Four years later I haven’t paid, and still walk free. They will never get a single penny from me ever again. JR.

With thanks to The Common Law Society.
It’s no fun dealing with Revenue on your own. They will not answer any questions, but still insist they are always right. They are trying to force me into making an Income Tax Declaration, and will not define what Income Tax is. They are accusing me of failing or refusing to make a Declaration. No doubt, they will probably try to bring me to Court … but at this stage I don’t care any more, as I have no Income to Declare, so what can they do? Can they force me to make a Declaration? Just let them try, and see where this will end up for them. With just a little guidance from The CLS, the Revenue gang have backed off (thus far). We wait with baited breath for their next move … NOT! Mick T.